9 Tips How Real Estate Agents Can Use Facebook Ads To Drive Growth

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Done right, Facebook ads can generate near-immediate traffic and interest in your listings. Still, many real estate agents face some confusion about the best way to use them. Use these ten tips to help grow your real estate business using Facebook advertising.

Target Your Ads Precisely to Location …

Location, location, location! It’s one of the crucial aspects of real estate, and it’s also vital to your ads. Ads should always be targeted so they fall within your service area. You can narrow down your ads to states, cities, and zip codes. For more info on Real Estate Online Marketing Company check Realty DS

… and to Demographic

If you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your ideal clientele, odds are you have factors like age and gender in mind. Growing families will have different real estate needs from retirees. Luckily, you have the ability to focus your ads on particular demographic categories.

Piggyback Your Ad Targeting

“Piggybacking” in this sense means using ad targeting that takes recent Page activity into account. For example, your ads can be presented to people who are active within “buying a first home” groups on Facebook. Sometimes, however, this will narrow the audience considerably.

Use Engaging Visuals

The visuals you choose to associate with your ad are remarkably important in achieving your goal. If you do not have a marketing background, it is always a safe idea to use smiling, happy people who represent your target demographic. Human figures promote an emotional connection.

Brainstorm Your Heading Carefully

Your headline is the part of your ad most likely to receive attention from casual website visitors. You should try to come up with 5-7 options for your headline before activating an ad. It needs to be short, precise, and eye-catching. Don’t be tempted to merely head your ads with the name of your business.

Rotate Your Ads on a Regular Basis

People get tired of your ads, whether or not they’ve actually looked at them! Research shows that an ad has diminishing returns: It is most effective within the first week, dropping off within the second and third. Giving your ads a fresh look and text will keep eyes gravitating to them.

Provide a Compelling Website Experience

When people click on your ad, where are they going? Your website needs two things to succeed. First, it should be immediately obvious that people who clicked have arrived on the page they expected to see. Second, the site should be easy to use. Fill it with helpful, informative content, too.

Use Newsfeed Ads, Not “Right Rail” Ads

While there are many different options in the world of Facebook ads, one thing is for sure: Ads that show up right within a user’s newsfeed get more clicks and more conversions than those that appear off to the right side. In general, you should structure your campaign around these. To know more info on Real Estate Marketing check Msresearch

Understand the Purpose of Your Ads

Your Facebook ads can have several goals, including social engagement and brand awareness. Most real estate agents, however, use them to generate leads directly on their website. If this describes you, be sure you have a complete “lead funnel” from ad to website to first client meeting.