H1B Visa Application vs IT Consulting Company


H1b sponsorship consultants

What I’m going to say here in the blog post is a TRUE Story and was recently shared with me by a member who purchased HB Visa Lottery guide. If you are paying for them to apply H1B Visa, then prepare for the worst case scenario and hope for the best.

So, here we go:

1. In March 2014, I have submitted documents to a local Hyderabad based consultant (Name removed here).

2. I had received a phone call (foreign) at night and the person interviewed me for 10 minutes. They said the call from an employer for interview before filing H-1B Visa. Sweet. I was excited.

3. The consultant told me that employer had selected me. But there is no offer letter received by me till now (Jan 2015). For H1B Visa Process Visit Orphosys corp.

4. Consultant communicated to me in May 2014 that my H-1B Visa petition has been picked in the lottery and he will share further Receipt number.

5. But Consultant keeps giving some reasons for not sharing any document of H1B petition Receipt Number. It’s January 2015 and he has not shared any information about my status of H1B Visa application.

6. Consultant wanted me to sign an agreement on Rs 100 stamp paper stating that, after getting a job and visa stamping, I shall pay three months salary to consultant on installment basis. But, I said without receiving an H-1B receipt number or offer letter I cannot sign the agreement or pay any money. So, agreed to that.

7. They are kept telling me that my case is in “Acceptance” status and not moved. But some people who applied along with me got emails that their H-1B decision has been approved.

8. They got the status update within 10 days filing for H1B Visa application with USCIS. It is for general cap applicants who got decision, approval message from Hyderabad consultant and it was not filed with premium process candidates.

9. But whatever it is, no one (me and co-applicants) got their documents or any visa interview schedule.

10. The consultant keeps on postponing dates for receipt of documents. Recently, he said that we shall get documents by End of January 2015.To know more info on H1B Visa check Wwrdheritage

11. Whenever I asked them about the status of my H-1B Visa application, visa interview, they are saying that my case is in “Acceptance” stage for past one year (almost). And they are saying that they will get my I-797 in a few days and I can attend the H1B visa interview, though my status is in “Acceptance” and my I-129 has been approved and for others they have shown approved I-129 (4 pages in pdf format).

12. No one trusts this h1b visa sponsor and almost everyone applied via his are sure that the company is a fraudster by collecting H1B Visa fees of Rs.30, 000 towards fraud verification money from 200 individuals and he is about to lift the camp and run away. But still they are there in the same premises.

13. I have also lost hopes and almost about to forget it and I’m getting ready to apply for fresh H1B Visa cap season.