Tata Nexon Hatchback First Drive & Gearbox

Tata Nexon Overview

GivenWith the rise in demand for cars with an automatic transmission, it was only a matter ofjust about time beforethat an automatic transmission found its way into the Tata Nexon. Especially after it was showcased by Tata Motors at the 2018 Auto Expo. More than 28,000 Nexonshave hit the road since its launch, and it is one of the most sought-after and competitive crossovers in its segment. Furthermore, since the Nexon’s sales break-up between petrol and diesel mills is exactly 50 per cent, they’ve decided to offer the AMT gearbox on both engine options.While enthusiasts wait for this iteration to show up in showrooms, we got a chance to drive the Nexon AMT from Pune to Panchgani, and back. Here’s what you need to know. View offers on Tata Cars from Tata dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop.


Tata Nexon Exteriors

To begin with let us first inform you that the Nexon is based on the XO platform which is the same platform that also underpins almost all of their new generation compact cars including the Bolt, Zest and even the Tiago and Tigor.

Take a look at the production variant of the Nexon, and you will instantly mistake it with the concept car which was showcased almost three years back at the 2014 Auto Expo with some practical additions. This compact SUV stands apart from the crowd because of certain factors which include its modern looking face, a sloping roofline like silhouette, big extended X like design towards the rear which has been finished in Ivory white ceramic type element that we can also find towards the side profile and also under the front fog lamps. The big 16-inch chunky alloy wheels, high ground clearance of 200 mm, projector headlamps and LED taillamps are some other highlights which make the SUV looks quite modern and well equipped and practical at the same time.

The premium looking front grille has been finished in Piano black and has the Tata logo at the centre while a chrome slat sits on the base of the grille and extends all the way towards the side headlamps edges (Tata Motors calls it a humanity line). The Nexon also gets LED DRL’s positioned below the projector headlamps units. Towards the lower front face, the round fog lamps placed slightly higher to perhaps highlighting the high ground clearance.

Towards the side profile is where you will witness all the crease lines and bulges. The muscular wheel arches and the big 16 inch wheels along with black plastic claddings further add to its muscular stance. Just below the window line is where you will also find the Ivory white strip which you will also notice towards the front and rear profile of the SUV. One of the other highlights of the side profile of the SUV is its coupe like sloping roofline which is further accentuated by the Contrasting roof colour.Towards the rear profie the Nexon gets an X shaped element which is positioned just below the rear windscreen. The floating roof spoiler towards the rear also features a LED stop lamps.

Tata Nexon Interiors

The dashboard of the Tata Nexon is designed keeping practicality and ease-of-use in mind. The steering wheel feels good to hold and comes with controls for audio and phone. The centre console gets a floating 6.5-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto. You get other features like climate control, 8-speakers for the Harman Sound System, voice commands, 2 airbags and rear AC vents. A lot of parts on the inside have been borrowed from other Tata cars. The Nexon also gets a wearable key which can be useful when you go for jogs.

The AC is excellent and even at blower speed 1, the throw of the air is extremely good. The doors open wide and the seats are set at a height, allowing easy ingress and egress. The front seats feel comfortable with good support for the lower back and under thigh. At the rear, it might get a bit difficult to fit 3 people, but nonetheless, both knee room and head space are very good. The front windows are large but the rear windows are set high up and there is no quarter panel, thus making short passengers feel claustrophobic. The cabin is also very practical with a number of storage spaces, including one in the centre console that has been inspired by premium cars. The boot is well-shaped and you can fold the rear seats flat to get a cargo capacity of 690-litres. Quality on the inside is good for most part but certain areas feel a bit cheap.

Tata Nexon Performance

The Tata Nexon is offered with both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engine is a 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder, Revotron unit churning out 110 horses and 170 Nm. It is a new engine with an aluminium block unlike the Zest which had an iron block. I was really looking forward to testing this engine but came out disappointed. The first thing that I noticed while driving in the city is that it lacks low-end power and the car just feels too unresponsive at the lower RPM spectrum. In fact, drivability in the city is so poor that you get tired revving and downshifting the car all the time. It is only after 2500 RPM that you feel some sort of power and that increases post 3500 RPM, with most of the action saved for the higher RPMs. For Tata Nexon check inlnk.in 

On the highways, if you want to just cruise down, you won’t complain much about the petrol engine but if you intend to drive aggressively, you better look elsewhere. On steep climbs, the car struggles to gain pace even in 1st gear. This engine is very refined though and hardly any vibrations creep inside the cabin. It gets a bit noisy after 3500 RPM though. On the fuel efficiency front, the MID on our car was showing 8 km/l after slight aggressive driving but you can expect 10-12 km/l under regular usage. There are 3 drive modes – City, Eco and Sport. The latter mode is good but again you just can’t feel that this is a 110 HP engine. In Eco mode, the car feels absolutely sluggish while City mode is just about average.

The diesel engine is something that’s impressive. The 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder unit churns out 110 horses too, along with 260 Nm of twist. NVH and clatter isn’t all that bad at low RPMs and the engine gets noisy only after 3000 RPM or so. There is obviously some turbo lag below 1800 RPM but even then, the low-end is actually good, way better than the petrol engine. The mid-range has good power delivery till 4000 RPM but the turbo kick isn’t as strong and sudden as, say in the Maruti Vitara Brezza, but much more linear. The oil-burner also gets the same 3 driving modes, where Sport mode is the best one. Eco is pretty average while City mode will be sufficient for those drive sedately. Fuel efficiency ranges from 15-19 km/l and Eco mode gives you a very small rise in mileage, in fact driving in Sport mode also gets you pretty good efficiency. Both the engines are mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The clutch is very light, as expected from a Tata car. The gear shifts aren’t very notchy but not the slickest either. The throws are very long and thus they rob off some driving pleasure. Tata Motors is expected to offer an AMT 2018 onwards.

Tata Nexon Rideing

Of course, this motor originally didn’t have any concerns after the turbo spooled up, so performance post 2200rpm is more than sufficient. So whether it is keeping up with other cars at highway speeds, or that much needed overtake, this petrol AMT suffices. And to add to its list of repertoires, the three drive modes and the tip-tronic manual shifting feature is available here too. Just so that you can customise that driving experience.In the ride and handling front, not much has changed despite being slightly heavier by about 20-40kg. On the whole, the petrol and diesel Nexon with AMT gearboxes behave similarly to manual transmission versions. Ride quality continues to be a strong point since it drives over the majority of our roads with a relatively flat ride overall. But that said, the petrol versions still benefit from better handling when compared to the diesels, owing to the lighter weight it has to haul around.

Tata Nexon Safety

Tata Motors is offering dual front airbags and ABS with EBD on all variants. You also get a seat belt height adjuster standard on the Nexon. We all are pretty much familiar with the sales and service of the automaker. Sales outlets across the country are aplenty and service centres are also in abundance. While service quality levels may not be the best, Tata isn’t that bad either and the company is working their way up.

Tata Nexon Cost in Mumbai

Tata Nexon On-Road Price in Mumbai ranges from 6,63,468 to 10,87,549 for variants Nexon Revotron XE and Nexon Revotorq XZ Plus Dual Tone respectively. Tata Nexon is available in 10 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Tata Nexon variants price in Mumbai. check for Nexon price in Mumbai at Carzprice.

Tata Nexon Round Up

Well! The Nexon is the new generation product from Tata Motors which is quite refined and gets quality materials and plenty of new and exclusive features both inside and outside. It looks good and will attract everyone’s attention on the road. Rumors are that Tata Motors will price this new SUV quite aggressively as well. The Nexon gets both diesel and petrol engines under its hood which gives it an edge over its rival Vitara Brezza along with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Lastly for those who want a well built and premium quality interior with plenty of modern features and practicality can always opt for the Nexon.