Top Tips For Optimising Ecommerce Website Pages


You can boost sales for your business by optimising ecommerce website pages. Here’s a brief overview of the key things to remember.

Tips for optimising ecommerce website pages are as follows :


Online consumers love images. Make sure that you include plenty of tempting photos and video clips to illustrate what your product looks like and to show how it works. A great example is Yuppiechef.

Pricing and purchasing

Make sure that your pricing is very clear; people do not feel confident in making purchases without a clear understanding of how much they will be expected to pay.For Top web development company in Hyderabad check Vivid Design Consultancy.

When parting with personal financial information, people like to see that they can trust your site and will be more likely to give credit card details if they know that the site is secure, so be sure to include reminders that your site has SSL certification.

Make your call to action very clear. Visitors must know how to add products to their shopping cart and must be clear on what steps they must take to complete their purchase and check out.

Remember to add information about after-sales service, i.e. delivery options, timescales, returns policy etc.


Many common objections can be overcome simply by including an FAQs section that addresses any frequently asked questions.

Try to anticipate what people might ask about your product and provide them with this information to increase confidence.

Don’t be too pushy

Although you want people to convert and place an order, being too pushy with umpteen reminders to ‘buy now’ etc can be very off-putting.

Rather than pushing for the sale, allow visitors to opt-in for updates if they are not yet ready to buy. Offer a discount or coupon in exchange for their email address so that you can retarget them at a later date.

Simple is best

When considering web development options, keep the design of your product page simple and ensure that it is easy to navigate.

Avoid putting too many hyperlinks into the text; if people are distracted from the product by following a link, they might not complete the purchase.

Keep the functionality of the product page simple too. You must be sure that the page will load quickly into any device or browser.

Remember, if people have to wait forever for a page to load, they are highly likely to simply click away and look elsewhere.

The next step

The first thing a customer is exposed to when purchasing your product is their initial visit to your ecommerce website.For more information on SEO Services check Trauma2011

Make your website attractive, simple to navigate and secure to increase your conversion rate and boost your bottom line. Find out about our ecommerce services here at Flicker Leap, as they will help with optimising ecommerce website pages.