What Is Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) is an operation to improve the shape and size of the nose so that it is in harmony with the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty is essentially a surgical sculpting of the nose and is accomplished by careful contouring of the bone and cartilage giving the nose its shape. At the same time deformities that cause breathing problems and some sinus disorders can be corrected. In open rhinoplasty, a small cosmetic incion is used on the underside of the nose that allows for direct access to the entire cartilagenous and bony nasal vault.

Rhinoplasty is performed under sedation with local anesthesia. The surgery takes approximately two to three hours. After the surgery, a nasal splint is used for several days to act as a protective casting.

Rhinoplasty is often an enhancement to facial rejuvenation, particularly in the correction of the aging nose (drooping of the tip). A significant “combo” effect is seen with facial augmentation in conjunction with cosmetic nasal surgery.

Rhinoplasty is the surgical correction of deformities of the nose. The nose plays a vital role in the aesthetics of the face, as its shape or size needs to be proportionate to the rest of the face. Thus individuals who are dissatisfied with the shape of the nose or individuals with breathing issues due to a nasal deformity often undergo rhinoplasty. The type of rhinoplasty is selected as per the need of the patient.

The procedure is one of the most challenging and rewarding surgeries, as it results in both functional and cosmetic changes.

The spectrum of rhinoplasty covers:

Management of a hump deformity

Straightening of a crooked nose

Augmentation of a saddle nose

Shaping and positioning of nasal tip

Lengthening or shortening the nose

Revision surgeries after nasal trauma

Correction of deformity associated with cleft lip and palate

Correction of nasal obstructions impairing breathing

As one can see, the finest to the most distinct changes can be brought about by rhinoplasty. It improves the facial aesthetics thereby increasing confidence and self esteem. The quality of breathing is enhanced by functional corrections.

One should remember that the cosmetic and functional benefits of the surgery can be appreciated by only the ones with enough motivation , psychological well being and realistic expectations.

Rhinoplasty is the surgery of readjusting and reshaping of the nose. The nose is located on the face, it has two nostrils that facilitate the inflow of air. The shape of the nose is a combined factor of nasal bones and cartilages, especially the septal cartilage that separates the nostrils.

There are two types of this particular surgery – functional and cosmetic rhinopasty. The functional rhinoplasty alters the air passage without changing the external appearance. This one is mostly employed by the people who want a better biological result. The cosmetic Rhinoplasty on the other hand, does the opposite. It alters only the external aesthetics without compromising the internal setup. This one is mostly employed by the people who wants better physical results.

Most of the people assume that these are only for the wealthy ones who get it done in order to look more beautiful. In reality, it is often more like a need rather than a fancy desire.

A misaligned nose on the outside may just look odd, but on the inside it may cause some serious blockage in the airway. These anatomic blockages can either be congestion or obstruction. In such cases, functional rhinoplasty becomes essential. It is also known as nasal valve repair. It is done primarily to relieve the patient from breathing as well as from nasal disorders.

Rhinoplasty can have a cosmetic effect like in the image below (right before surgery, left after). But more often than that it is done, because the person has a problem with air passage that can also result in snoring.For more information on Rhinoplasty check Icps2016

Patients are very thankful when their snoring is removed (the bed partner more so than the patient) and they can breathe freely. The difficulty breathing came from a distortion of the internal nasal passages due to a folding of the cartilage inside the nose. When this is straightened out, the patient gets relief. All of these surgical procedures are done inside the nose, so you do not see any scarring from outside.

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job”, is one of the most popular of these surgeries. Thousands of men, women and youngsters turn to rhinoplasty every year for aesthetic as well as functional issues. For many of these individuals, the results are life-changing.

Some of the benefits offered by rhinoplasty are-

It improves confidence

It Improves breathing

It fixes a broken nose

It cures various sinus problems

It is helpful in correction of birth defects

It restores the facial symmetry

It is helpful in curing the problem of snoring

Rhinoplasty also referred as Nose Job, is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery available. It is mostly performed to modify the size and shape of the nose or even the function.

Some of the most common advantages of a rhinoplasty surgery includes the following.

Correct breathing problems

Enhances facial symmetry and balance

Enhances the look which further boosts the confidence

Results are long-lasting

Address snoring problems

Correct birth defects

Repairs a broken nose

There are many advantages of Rhinoplasty.

Improved nasal airflow

Improvement of Self-image

Higher confidence

Better health

Easier breathing

Symmetry of face structure

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular treatments with a lot of men and women opting for this surgery. The pros of Rhinoplasty are having a better-shaped nose, clear nasal passage improving your breathing, fixing any deformities from injuries, fixing birth defects etc. It also improves your confidence, makes your face prettier and gives you better facial features.

Rhinoplasty has many benefits. Some of them include:

It improves the shape of the nose.

It makes the nose proportionate to rest of the facial features.

It improves facial symmetry.

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