Free Fire Max OB37 Update November 2022: Check Date and Details

Free Fire Max OB37 Update November 2022: Providing a vast and ultimate experience in the field of battle royale game, Free Fire has attained such a resistance that players don’t even want to sleep rather than play the game. For such love and response, the developers also focus on the management and requirements of the game. They do what is needed. As you know that every game needs a patch update at least once a quarter. Hence, the patch update in a free fire also seems to meet such requirement and often provide patch update after two months. So we are going to state all about Free Fire Max OB37 Update in November 2022

Hence, in this post, we will know all about the next patch OB update in the free fire. We will cover all the important terms related to it What is a patch update, What is an OB update, How does patch update work, When we will have our next patch update, and What are the features of the next patch update? and so on. Now let’s roll over to the topic and let us elaborate on every aspect related to Free Fire Max OB37 Update in November 2022.

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What is a patch update?

The patch and Free Fire Max OB37 Update is a term that is mainly referred to under games. Unlike updates, a patch update is one that almost changes the present environment of the patch of assets. In simple words, the entire asset in the game gets updated through some different looks, or sometimes, new assets get added. A patch update also promises to exclude the bugs that were present before the patch update.

A patch update in free fire brings out changes in the skins of items, some standard settings, and added some items to the game. Also, some visuals and graphics can be changed or updated. It means, anything in the game could be changed via a patch update and so, to maintain the interest of players and to provide the best gaming experience, the free fire gets a patch update after every two months. So we will highlight Free Fire Max OB37 Update in November 2022

What is an OB update in the free fire?

So here, many people get confused between a patch update and an OB update. We want to make it clear at once that an OB update is the same update as a patch update. Basically, OB updates represent the sequence of updates that would be present to date. You must have noticed that every time, the OB update is also written by integrating digits post OB, for example, OB29; OB36, etc. Similarly, the next patch update will be named Free Fire Max OB37 update.

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Here we must conclude that you have got between a patch update and an OB update in the free fire.

Free Fire Max OB37 Update in November 2022

So you must be knowing and be excited about the upcoming patch update in the free fire. Only a few days are remaining in the patch update of free fire. As per the officials, we found that the patch update in free fire will be launched on the 16th of November, on Wednesday. The server will be busy from 9 am to 5 pm that day which will result in not opening the game. After that, we can enjoy the Free Fire Max OB37 update. Hence, on the 16th of November, the OB37 update will be released for free fire and free fire max.

How does a patch update work?

As we have mentioned earlier in this post that an update takes place which almost changes the environment of the game. So, basically, the server gets a temporary blockage on the date of the launch of the patch update. It is done for a limited period of time (often for 8 hours). In the meantime, the developers implement a new version of free fire max in the play store and free fire on their official website. Post which we can install and update it and start playing after 5 pm.

Now, most of you must be having a general concern ‘Why does the game not start immediately after updating the application?’ The reason is simple, no bugs could affect the game, and the developers need at least 5 to 8 hours for hunting bugs and fixing them. So this is the first reason, secondly, the developers don’t want that any player could play the game without updating, so a temporary blockage occurs.

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What are the features of the next patch update – OB37?

So finally we are at the phase where we shall state all the features and benefits of the Free Fire Max OB37 update. All of you must be thinking, what will be the benefits of updating the application this time for OB37. Let’s begin.

1 – New weapon

Free Fire Max OB37 Update November 2022
new items

After every OB update, a new weapon is launched, similarly this time, a new weapon, named Trogon will be launched. This weapon will be a dual-mode weapon. It will be generally a shotgun, but it will also work as a grenade launcher. So it will be one of the most innovative things this time, let’s see how it works.

2 – New Item

A new character launcher will be introduced this time, which will let user launch their character to travel a long distance across the map. The new item will be named a portable human launcher and the user will be able to use it four times in a single match.

3 – New mode – Zombie Hunt

Free Fire Max OB37 Update November 2022
free fire max ob37 update zombie hunt

Available for 15 days, a new mode will be introduced. It will be started on 16th of November and till 30th of November. This mode will generally have zombies and players would attain points and win prizes after playing the mode and killing the zombies. Have a look at the image.

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4 – Cheaper character skills and upgrades

Free Fire Max OB37 Update November 2022
character skills upgrade

After OB37, players are going to have the ultimate advantage of upgrading the characters and unlocking the skill slots at a lower price. Yes, after the update, you will need fewer fragments to upgrade the level of character as well as fewer coins to unlock the skill slots.

5 – Loadout in Clash Squad

Free Fire Max OB37 Update November 2022
clash squad

Finally, the most interesting and advantageous thing after the update will be loadouts in clash squad matches. You can carry the same loadout that you carry before a BR mode. So this is quite interesting and let’s see how does it work?

Conclusion: Fre Fire Max OB37 Update

This post is all about the new patch update in free fire and its features. We hope we have explained everything in detail. Kindly stay in touch with us for more interesting and informative updates about free fire and free fire max.

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