Free Fire Max Suspended Account Recovery (100% Solution)

Hi, Guys Welcome To My Blog Post In This Post, I Am Going To Tell You About Garena Free Fire Game Latest Tips And Tricks. So today’s topic is free to fire id or account recovery tips after the ban in 2022 with 100% working and the latest effective tricks for free fire max suspended account recovery.

So, we going to give you the perfect ways why your account get suspended and how to recover your account and again play the game easily with the suspended account.

Nowadays, this issue is familiar to every Free Fire Max game player and they always want to recover their game account they aren’t able to do this so because they don’t know how to do this or how to make their game account safe for the future to avoid these bans. So we have covered all the possible tips and tricks that help players to recover their game accounts easily and safely.

What Is Free Fire Max Account?

The Free Fire Max Ache place where you have all the achievement stores and represent your profile in-game to other opponent players. So the free fire max account contains your badges

record, bundles, dresses, costumes, skins, and other items you have purchased or unlocked in different events like gold royale, faded wheel, or web events.

So, by achieving all the items and records, your free fire max game account is much more precious so if your account is suspended, you have to face a high loss of money and time. If you start your game from starting then you need to play the game much as you not.

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Free Fire Max Suspended Account Recovery steps

Signs That Your Account Is Suspended?

  • Your Game Is Not Opening Or You Not Able To Access Your Game After Login
  • Your Free Fire Max Account Showing Warnings When You Log in
  • You Got a Warning Of Account Ban Or Suspension

Types Of Account Suspension

Generally, There Are Two Types Of Account Suspension. We have provided you with all the possible types given below. So you can easily define an account suspension that you got or want to know

Temporary Account Suspension

So if your game account is banned for some time for example 20-30 days then this condition is a temporary suspension and your account is returned to you under the provided period.

Permanent Account Suspension

When your game account is permanently suspended and you have no chance to get your account back in this situation your account is permanently gone. You still have many chances to make your game account back to you in a few days or weeks by following the steps given below easily and safely. All the steps are trusted and 100% securely used by different users.

How To Recover Free Fire Max Suspended Account?

free fire max suspended account recovery methods

There are different ways to recover your free fire max account. So we going to tell you only the safe, working, and trusted ways to recover your free fire max account easily and fast in 2022 with the latest methods and tricks.

Making Appeal

You have a chance to appeal with garena free fire max support team if your appeal is reviewed and your account is found safe then your account is recovered easily and quickly. So this method is also working and used by players and they good the good results.

Waiting For Some Time

You need to wait for some time if your account is banned temporarily and your account is recovered automatically under a few periods that are set for you by the garena team.

Account Recovery Apk

So this is a way in which you need to download and use the free fire max suspended account recovery apk and your game account will again start working and you can easily access your account. So you must bed need to follow these steps to recover your free fire max suspended account.

Using Recovery File

You can also youse the account recovery file and add it to your game folder if it works then you can easily recover your account and play the game as you play before.

So, these are all the possible ways tips, and tricks to unban or recover your banned/suspended garena free fire max game account easily and safely. All these given above tips and tricks are safe and 100% tried by all the game user who faces this type of issue. So don’t be afraid you are able to recover your id or account with these effective and proper latest methods.

How To Avoid Account From Suspension?

So, if your account is suspended then it is not easy to recover you need to follow these steps to make your free fire max account safe.

Say No To 

According to Garena’s free fire max policy, you need to say no to using or cheating inside your free fire max account to keep your account safe and secure.

No Account Sharing

Never try to share your free fire max account with any friend or relative this helps your account from any banned activity.

Not Modifying Game

If you do not modify your free fire max game then you have no chance to get banned so always try never to use the tools that modify the game settings and make your game account to be banned. By following this tip you can make your game account extra secure from the ban.

Not Use Tools

You do not need to use the tool if you use the tools like gfx, headshot, or other tools that make changes inside your game account then your account hen you have a high risk of account ban so avoid using these types of tools inside your game account to make your game profile safe and secure.

FaQs: Free Fire Max Suspended Account Recovery

Can I get my suspended Free Fire account back?

Yes, You can get your suspended free fire account back. You just have to reach the official garena support page and fill in your issues through the submission form, and after a few hours, your free fire max account will be unbanned.

Why my Free Fire account is suspended?

The Free Fire account Suspension reason can be various such as unusual activity, and behavior with your account. Now, you should follow Free Fire Max Suspended Account Recovery steps to get your account back.

Is suspended permanent in Free Fire?

Yes, Free Fire Max Account suspension can be permanent. But, you can get your account back after following Free Fire Max Suspended Account Recovery steps, which are mentioned in this post.


So, in this post, you have got all the possible ways to recover your free fire max id or account from suspension and how to make your account safe from being banned. So If you have any doubts about the “Free Fire Max Suspended Account Recovery” your query then you can reach us with help of comments or a contact us page we try to solve your query.

Thanks for reading the full post “Free Fire Max Suspended Account Recovery” have good gaming.

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