How to get Cobra Bundle in Free Fire 2023 (Free)

How to get Cobra bundle in free fire: Free fire is all about impressive gameplay and a lot of expenses. On one side where players enjoy playing it while another side, a new item is released every other day that attracts players to purchase that item and spend diamonds. So this is the strategy by which the developers of free fire make money. There had been many items that are created by the developers to sell us. And most perfectly we have responded to all the items.

Among all these items there are some items that are value for money or players don’t feel guilty about spending diamonds and purchasing them. One such bundle is the Cobra Bundle Free Fire. Yes, the Cobra bundle free fire is the one type of evergreen item in the whole community free fire and that’s what upon our today’s post is going to depend on. Our today’s post is all about How to get Cobra bundle in free fire? So let’s begin exploring the article that is about How to get Cobra bundle in free fire.

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What is Cobra bundle in free fire?

As you know that free fire is mainly attractive for only two things, bundles and gun skins. Bundles are the suit for the characters whether they are male or female while guns skins are the skins for guns implemented over it having a power-up that upgrade the ability of the weapons. So there are a lot of items in the form of varieties of bundles. One among them is the Cobra bundle. The Cobra bundle free fire is the most famous bundle among the players of free fire because the developers had created it efficiently which makes it a good-looking and attractive bundle.

Everything in this bundle is well-contained and there is nothing negative about this bundle. It is like an evergreen in the nature of free fire and never Cobra bundle can be forgotten. To know all the details about the presence bundle, read the paragraph below and have some more details about it.

When did Cobra bundle come in the free fire?

It was the time of winter in the year 2021 when the first time ever Cobra bundle free fire was presented before the players of free fire. The cobra bundle was all set under an event popularly known as the Cobra event in the free fire. This event was a grand celebration as it was present till the upcoming OB update in the free fire. It ran for almost over a month and brought certain rewards for the players of free fire. The Cobra bundle was part of the same event.

This event laid down a dust formation of creativity among the players of free fire by designing such a beautiful and enormous bundle. The bundle’s full name is The Venomous Cobra Bundle. It was present over an event under the free fire for a tenure of 14 days.

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The bundle – Cobra bundle Free Fire was present during the event popularly known as the token tower event and under the same event, players need to obtain 5 tokens and in exchange for it, they could get the Cobra bundle. May players took out by doing the same which many could not. But for your information, we want to tell you all that the same bundle made its appearance in 2022 and those who can’t obtain the bundle at its first appearance got a second chance, which was not missed by many.

As a result, the second appearance of the Cobra bundle once again became successful and then it got disappeared. Now the players are waiting for it and keep searching for only How to get Cobra bundle in free fire or How to get Cobra bundle in free fire in 2023. Now we would move further to know How to get Cobra bundle in free fire? Let’s begin.

How to get Cobra bundle in free fire?

How to get Cobra Bundle in Free Fire
cobra bundle free fire

To get Cobra Bundle in free fire, there are multiple ways. Do those multiple ways contain legal methods and illegal methods about How to get Cobra bundle in free fire? But in this post, we are going to share some of the effective and legal methods about How to get Cobra bundle in free fire in 2023?

1 – By the official event

As you know that the free fire developers provided us with the Cobra Bundle in an event known as the token tower. This was done two times till now and so, you can wait for the third time. So to get the Cobra bundle, you need to wait until the developers push any event over it. Till the event does not gets appear, you could not take out the Cobra bundle.

In short, to get the Cobra bundle in 2023, you need to just wait till the time, when the developers put it into the game. Don’t worry, if you are thinking who will update you about this? We will post an article so must add our site to your bookmark list and add it to the home screen of your phone. Also, subscribe to our notification so that you could not miss a single day whenever the Cobra bundle free fire makes its third appearance in the free fire.

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2 – Via joining the partner program of free fire

After the first option, you are left with the second option where you need to join the partner program in free fire and get the Cobra bundle free fire for free. Yes, this method is totally free of cost and you will not cost a single diamond to get the Cobra bundle. Partner program in free fire is just like being an official partner of the community. You will be treated especially than other players.

We would post a separate article for the partner program but within a few words want to describe the partner program. A partner program in free fire is a program where a player needs to have an audience on YouTube and a specific number of views to get allowed to join the partner program. When the threshold is met, a player can join the partner program.

In the partner program, there is such an advantage that you can demand your favorite item at the last of every month and the free fire developers will provide it. This is the most loved feature of the partner program and using this feature, you can get the Cobra bundle free fire for exactly free. The challenge is only getting approved for the partner program in the free fire.

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Free Fire Cobra Bundle Redeem Code Free Today

At the beginning of Garena Free Fire, The developers of this game introduced FF Redeem Code so that respective users can get FF rewards by claiming free codes from Official Garena FF rewards redemption sites. There are several types of redeem codes available such as Free Fire Cobra bundle redeem code, legendary emotes, Gloo Wall, pet, outfits, rare items, and many more. But, the Main question is How to get Free Fire Cobra Bundle Redeem Code Free Today to claim the legendary Ascension Bundle in your account.

Whenever Big events come in the Garena Free Fire on the occasion of a big festival, then Garena always gives a cobra bundle redeem code on their social media handle as well as On their live YouTube streaming videos. So, if you want to claim 100% working FF redeems code to claim a free Ascension Bundle with all Cobra emotes, and arrival animation, then you’ve to explore their official account to get the exciting prizes and rare items in your account. Also, You can get a free Cobra Bundle in free fire after joining Advance Server.

As We Know The developers of this game are updating the official apps after every month to add new items, characters, pets, weapon skins, and other surprising rewards to improve the gaming experience. At that time, you can register for the Free Fire advance server, and there they’ve to find bugs, then they’ll reward with premium rewards from the makers of this app directly into your account. So, After getting Free Fire Cobra Bundle Redeem Today, you’ve to claim it through rewards redemption sites of the Garena.

So, Check the below steps for How To Claim the FF Cobra bundle redeem code successfully through the garena official website.

Steps To Claim Free Fire Cobra Bundle Free Today

  • First of all, you’ve to use the given below link to visit the reward FF garena Redemption site
  • Link:
  • After reaching the official website, You’ve to log in with your Free Fire Account
  • Now, Copy Your Free Fire Cobra Bundle Redeem Code (Which will be 12/16 digits codes)
  • Paste in the given space, and after that Click on the “Redeem” button
  • After successfully redeeming of FF Cobra Bundle code, Garena will send the rewards to your vault section within 24 hours
  • Now, you’ve to open your Garena Free Fire app, and then go to the Vault section. Equip the legendary Ascension Cobra Bundle, and Play in-game matches with your friends

FaQs: Garena Free Fire Max Cobra Bundle

How do I get a cobra bundle in Free Fire?

Join in the live youtube streamers’ giveaways, and participate in the Official Garena social media handle to get a free redeem code, then after you can get a cobra bundle in the free fire account.

Is the Cobra bundle rare in Free Fire?

Yes, The Cobra Bundle is the rare ascension bundle in the free fire and free fire max, because it is the first Evo bundle that was released in the new events, and it can change its looks in four different colors.

How many total diamonds are needed for the Cobra bundle?

You may need almost 1000 to 1500 diamonds to successfully claim the cobra bundle with all other grand prizes from the Cobra Ascension new event.

Will Legendary Cobra Bundle return in the free fire?

Yes, Definitely the legendary cobra bundle will return soon in the Garena Free Fire new events, and after that, you can claim this Evo bundle in your account.

Which is the No 1 rarest bundle in Free Fire?

Red Criminal Bundle is the No. 1 rarest bundle in the Garena free fire. But, if we look at the rare Evo ascension legendary bundle, then The Cobra rage bundle will be in the No.1 position.

Which is the most powerful bundle in Free Fire?

The Cobra Rage Ascension Bundle is the most powerful bundle in the free fire, and free fire max games.


So friends, here is the post all about How to get Cobra bundle in free fire? We hope you enjoyed the post and understood everything. Please stay tuned with us for more exciting and informative updates about free fire.

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