How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire 2023

How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire 2023: If anything that is leading is google search about free fire is How to get free diamonds in free fire? Well, why is it so? Why are people going crazy to know How to get free diamonds in free fire? What’s the reason behind it and what led people to do so? We will find out everything, just you need to read this post till last. Hope you will enjoy the post, so let’s begin.

What are diamonds in free fire?

Unlike all other games, there are certain assets that are suitable for any item to get purchased by the player. In simpler words, some assets like gold, coins, dollars, diamonds, or any other thing that is required to get any in-game item. You need to pay these assets (it means these assets will be reduced) and after that, you could have the specific item and own it to you.

Similarly, the diamonds in free fire play such an important role. Diamonds are the only asset by which you can purchase anything in the game. Possibly now there is no such known item that is not available without a diamond purchase. So to have any item in the game free fire, you need to have diamonds and the fact should be aware to you that diamonds mustn’t be costless, and hence you need to pay for them.

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And here comes our focus point for which we have brought you this article. Yup, this article is all about getting the diamonds for free in the free fire. In this post, we shall share all the effective methods and ways that had been proven useful for getting or obtaining free diamonds in the game free fire. So be with us and let’s roll over to explore the post all about How to get free diamonds in free fire?

How to get free diamonds in free fire?

Getting diamonds in free fire is not an easy deal for any player. Legally you can purchase it which will cost you at least INR 80 at any time. Sometimes an airdrop occurs which costs you INR 10 for the first time providing you 299 diamonds, post it, 29₹ will be charged a minimum for a 100 or a maximum 299 diamonds airdrop. Accordingly, you can calculate the price of diamonds in the free fire. At any regular time, the top-up section is 24X7 active, so if you want to have diamonds, you need to pay INR least to have 100 diamonds instantly.

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Methods about How to get free diamonds in free fire?

How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire 2022
Methods to get free diamonds in free fire

Till now every aspect seemed to be paid, isn’t it? So now move forward to have some free tips to get free diamonds in the free fire.

In practice zone

The very first, primitive, and legit method to get diamonds for free under the game free fire is to collect them from a 3d structure that is placed under the practice ground (before starting a br classic or BR ranked match in free fire). This is the best free method to earn diamonds but the challenge is that you can have only 1 or a maximum of 2 diamonds at a time, so you need to be active and okay as much as you can. This will let you collect more diamonds and you could easily collect 100 diamonds in free days.

Bug hunting in free fire advance server

Another legit method to get diamonds for free in free fire is to join their advanced server program and hunt bugs, after successful verification of the same, you will reward diamonds over your original I’d of free fire.

What is the advanced server?

Well, the advanced server is the apk from the developers of free fire that is provided a few weeks before the launch of any OB update. And so they provide us a chance to hunt the bugs from that OB update and win diamonds. Here you can as many diamonds, a minimum of 500 and a maximum there is no limit. But how to get an advanced server apk or how to use it? You might be thinking this, but don’t worry, we will upload a separate post for this also.

Use of third-party application

Today, there are several other third-party applications that provide you with diamonds in the free fire. But how? Just if you want to download and install the application from their official website or play store, and post it, you need to create an account and link your free fire account under the linking section. Under these applications, you need to collect points by playing games, daily login, completing challenges, and many more. When you make points to that of the threshold, you can redeem the points to get diamonds for totally free in your free fire account.

This is the easiest method for doing so, you can download applications like Winzo to get diamonds for free.

Google Play redeem code

So here is our last pick. As you know diamonds in the free fire come from purchases over the play store. And play store has a separate balance system, so if you have enough balance in the play store, you can buy diamonds easily. But how could you have balance for free? Well, there are specific applications even in the play store that is for you. You can get Google Play redeem codes by completing tasks and missions and playing games.

These codes can be then redeemed to add Google Play balance and finally, you could buy free diamonds for free. So this method is also legit and effective, you can try it to have free diamonds in the free fire application.

An application like Google opinion rewards and much third-party application gives you access to win Google Play balance. Just go for it.

FaQs: How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

How do you get 3000 Diamonds in Free Fire?

The best way to get 3000 diamonds in the free fire is to download the Google Opinion Surveys rewards app from the google play store, and start completing surveys to win the exciting surprises from Google, and after that, you can top-up 3000 diamonds in your Free Fire ID.

Can we get coins in FF?

Yes, You can get free coins in FF. Just you have to play daily in-game matches, then you will get rewarded as coins in your account instantly, and it will be from the side of Garena Free Fire.


This was the post all about How to get free diamonds in free fire? We hope you are satisfied with the post and easily collect diamonds for free. Please keep us joined for more interesting and informative posts related to free fire.

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