How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers in Free Fire 2023

How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers in Free Fire 2023: Free Fire is a game that has limitless fun. Players keep enjoying it in various aspects. The most loved part of this game is that it designs new items and brings them in a short gap between time. Those items are a great attraction to players and have a very good response. All these environments in the game are most suitable to players along with the best battle royale experience.

Hence, today we are going to share a tip to get free incubator vouchers in free fire or you may have some highlights that will help you in your collection. Just stay till the last of this post and enjoy it as we are going to share an article, all about How to get Incubator royale vouchers in free fire?

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What is Incubator Royale in Free Fire?

In our posts, we usually share details that lie from base to top, hence in this post too, we will share every pin-to-pin detail with you and that starts from What is Incubator Royale in the free fire?

Incubator royale is one of the long-term events in a free fire that composes one of the best items in the event. It is the only event that has creativity at the next level that gets updated after every month. It comes under the luck royale section, hence players have to make spins and get rewarded. The only drawback of this event is that item obtained in this event gets repeated making it hard to obtain free fire evolution stone & blueprints.

Now we will state about the assets under this event like – Evolution token & Blueprints.

Application NameGarena Free Fire
Voucher NameIncubator Voucher
Benefits Of Free Fire Incubator VoucherFree Fire Incubator Voucher is used to spin in incubator royale event to unlock premium rewards
Methods Available To get Incubator VoucherAvailable
CategoryFree Fire
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How Free Fire Incubator Royale Works?

Every item that an Incubator royale possesses, can be obtainable after a certain threshold that is to have a particular number of evolution tokens & blueprints. For example, four items are placed in the incubator that is buyable after an exchange of x number of evolution tokens + x number of blueprints.

Let’s have an imaginary item, Item C which is a bundle can be obtained only if you have 5 evolution tokens and 2 blueprints, in this case, you need to make spins as many times till you can’t obtain 5 evolution tokens and 2 blueprints. So here is the working of Incubator royale and this is how, incubator royale has the best items and how to obtain those items.

How to spin in Free Fire Incubator Royale?

As we have stated that an Incubator royale has a prize pool that gets repeated. To get the prizes, you need to make spins. Inline another royale in the luck royale section, the Incubator royale too has two options to make spins. These spins can be continued through vouchers or diamonds.

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If a player has a voucher, he/she could make a spin without wasting a single diamond, but if vouchers are missing, you need to have enough diamonds and most comparatively 40 diamonds per spin, if you will spend diamonds for 5 spins at once, a discount of 20 diamonds will be posted for you which will cost 180 diamonds for 5 spins. Therefore after this paragraph, the entire article is all about How to get Incubator royale vouchers in free fire? We will cover every way that will be helpful to you in collecting those vouchers and making spins in the Incubator royale.

Methods To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers in Free Fire

How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers in Free Fire
free fire incubator voucher

1 – Daily Login

It is a completely free method of getting or earning an Incubator royale voucher. This is a daily login method, yet it is not like you will get a voucher daily. It’s an activity in which you have to log in daily or you have to log in and whenever your 5 days of login will be completed, you will earn a voucher for free.

Note that every 2nd and 3rd week, the incubator royale voucher is replaced with a diamond royale voucher and weapon royale voucher, so you need to be active and at the particular week, you need to login to the game 5 days in a row to claim the incubator royale voucher for free.

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2 – From Free Fire In-game Events

How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers in Free Fire
free fire Incubator Voucher

This is the second method and again a freeway about How to get Incubator royale vouchers in free fire? Via using this method, you can win an incubator royale voucher for exactly free. But How? Well, we will discuss this further but the very important point needs to be noted that this method does not promise you to have vouchers regularly. As you know that big events occur taking a short interval of time, so there is not a huge chance of getting vouchers regularly.

Although events are not regular, whenever they appear, they provide you with a great opportunity with discounted offers to claim a great number of free fire incubator vouchers in your account, and after that, you can use that vouchers to spin in incubator royale to unlock grand prizes in your account.

3 – From the Super Value Pack Free Fire

How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers in Free Fire
free fire incubator voucher

Have you ever visited the top-up section, there is a Superb pack of ₹290 that you can buy, and in exchange for that, you will get 10 incubator vouchers for once in the entire history of your Identity. Unlike the level-up pass, you will have one-time access to this superb value pack and you can perform a direct payment of ₹290 to get 10 incubator royale vouchers.

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4 – Discounted Price

You must be aware of any web event or any event that possesses an option to buy incubator royale vouchers at a very low price. It is termed the best event and it is often present in a mystery shop event. This event is the only event that gives you the opportunity to purchase at least 10 vouchers within a few diamonds. It almost saves 70 – 95 % of diamonds and hence, players like to purchase the incubator royale vouchers from this kind of event.

So guys, here is a well-described article that answers your question How to get Incubator royale vouchers in the free fire? Everything is detailed overviewed and hopefully, you got everything consistently.

FaQs: Free Fire Incubator Voucher

Which is the best incubator bundle in Free Fire?

As we know that there are many bundles released in Incubator royale Free Fire. But, Bloody Samurai Bundle is the best incubator bundle in the free fire of all time, and also, it is considered as the most ff incubator bundle.

What is the use of an incubator voucher in the free fire?

There are many luck royale events available in Garena Free Fire, and Incubator is one of them. Users can use incubator vouchers to spin in new events to claim outfits and weapons skins in their accounts.

Can we get an Incubator voucher redeem code?

Yes, you can get a free fire incubator voucher redeem code from the official Garena social media handle and YouTube channel. After that, you have to redeem it from ff Garena rewards sites.


Here is a post all about How to get Incubator royale vouchers in the free fire? All the methods are covered nicely and to the point. We wish you like the post, please be with us so that you couldn’t ever miss any updates, information, and news that are related to free fire and free fire max.

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