Top 5 Rare Bundle in Free Fire 2022

Top 5 Rare Bundle in Free Fire: The moment had arrived when the entire community of free fire will celebrate the occasion of Booyah day. As you all know that Booyah day is one of the major celebration periods and a grand event that takes place annually. So we are very near to the same event, even though the celebration had started and prizes had begun approaching us, now the whole community is waiting for the peak day.

So what will happen on the peak day of Booyah day? Just the whole community will have the best moment ever and we will have a lot of prizes and rewards. Along with these prizes and rewards, we will have our new legendary or evolutionary bundle. Yes, the new legendary bundle will be unveiled on the 26th of November and we are here today to discuss a topic that corresponds to the evolutionary bundle.

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In this post, today we will state the Top 5 Rare Bundle in Free Fire. Yes, each and every detail of all 5 bundles will be provided, we only need your attention to the post, rest leave on us and enjoy this post.

What is a rare bundle in free fire?

To know about the rare bundle in free fire, just you need to stay till the last of this article and read carefully. First of all, know what is a rare bundle in free fire.

A bundle in free fire is often referred to as a suit or costume that any character can equip to perform the gameplay. This is done voluntarily by players and those customizations are a part of emotion for many players.

So there are many such bundles that are fantastic and that had gained a heavy response from the players of free fire. So today, we are going to pick the best 5 of them and we will present the list of 5 rare bundle in free fire. We will explain all the details of each bundle that we will mention below.

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1 – The Sakura Bundle

One of the rare bundle in free fire is the Sakura bundle. The Free Fire Sakura bundle is one of the most highlighted bundles since the first season Elite pass was launched. Yes, the Sakura bundle in the free fire was launched along with the Season 1 elite pass. So you can calculate, the value of this bundle. This is a dream bundle for many players and if they want to have this bundle on their own I’d free fire.

So now we will try to share with you some tips via which you can have chances to get the legendary bundle.

How to get the Sakura bundle in the free fire?

The first factor for obtaining this bundle is to introduce it under any event and currently, there is no such news that the Sakura bundle could return in free fire under any event and anyway. Hence you have now one way to claim the bundle, which is by joining the Garena partner program.  

At the bottom, we will state how to obtain the bundles from the Garena partner program.

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2 – Free Fire Hip Hop Bundle

One of more most loved bundles that has a huge craze in players’ hearts is The Free Fire Hip Hop Bundle. The Hip Hop bundle is one of the rare bundle in free fire, it has a huge lover who wants to own this legendary bundle. It is the only bundle that looks modern and has one of the most attractive color compositions.

Similarly, as the Sakura bundle, the Hip Hop bundle was introduced in the elite pass and the season was 2. Yes, the Elite pass season 2 was having the coolest bundle of all time – The Hip Hop Bundle.

How to obtain the Hip Hop Bundle in free fire?

Once again, there is the same condition that there is no such movement that shows us that this bundle is ready to appear once more. Hence you have now got only one way of obtaining the Hip Hop Bundle and that is the Garena partner program.

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3 – Galaxy Dino Bundle

Top 5 Rare Bundle in Free Fire
free fire dino bundle

One of the rare bundle in free fire is the Galaxy Dino Bundle. Even most of you would be hearing the name for the first time and that is how it is called a rare bundle. The less widespread of this bundle made it one of the rarest bundle in free fire and not only rarest but also a good-looking and muscular bundle.

The Galaxy Dino Bundle was introduced in the free fire under Incubator and along with it, 5 more dino bundles were placed. It was the topmost and rare bundle in free fire which made it hard to be obtained and that show, the tough situation to obtain this bundle made it the rare bundle in free fire.

How to obtain Galaxy Dino Bundle in free fire?

Similar to the above two bundles, you would have to join the Garena partner program to obtain this bundle.

4 – Top Criminal Red-Neon Bundle

Top 5 Rare Bundle in Free Fire
free fire red criminal bundle neon face

We can say that it is also one of the rare bundle in free fire as it was a successor of another rare bundle in free fire – The Free fire red criminal. The developers brought the red criminal back to the field in an event called the token tower and along with that bundle, the red neon criminal bundle was also placed, making it tougher to obtain.

In such a situation, the event almost charged 6k to 8k free fire diamonds for both bundles, and for a normal top-up player, it was hard to spend that much quantity of diamonds. Hence, the bundle was not obtained by many players which made it a rare bundle in free fire.

How to obtain the Top criminal red–neon bundle in free fire?

The red criminal made its second appearance just a couple of months ago while the neon red criminal bundle is still once performed bundle. It will appear in any event after August 2023. The second way to get this bundle is by joining the partner program.

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5 – Free Fire Blue Criminal Bundle

Blue criminal bundle was also part of criminals when it was launched along with the red, purple, green, and yellow criminal. All these criminal bundles were seen in the incubator once. After that only red, purple, and free fire green criminal made appearances whilst yellow and blue criminals are still the rare bundle in free fire.

How to obtain the blue criminal bundle?

Similarly to all others, you need to join the partner program to get the bundle. Else you can have it by buying from any upcoming event because there are higher chances that these bundles could be seen in any event that will be observed in the future.

How to get bundles by joining the Garena Partner Program?

Just simple, as when you will join the partner program of Garena, you will get a V badge. Post that you will have a chance to demand any item at last of each month, you can request any bundle at that time and so, you could get any desired Bundle.


So friends, here is a well-explained article about Top 5 rare bundle in free fire. We have overlooked every match and disclosed all the details. We hope this article would be useful to you. Kindly stay tuned for every upcoming article about the free fire.

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